Song Festival Grounds is waiting for everyone to enjoy the winter and sledding!

Helmets can be rented free of charge. Also, there is possible to buy ledges.
During the weekend, the café kiosk "Aste" is open (12.00-20.00) for hot drinks and snacks.
We kindly remind you of the safety rules of the Song Festival Grounds:
1. Staying in a sledding area at your own risk.
2. Use the directions on the plan to navigate.
3. Be very careful when sledding and take into consideration other people on the slope.
“Head front” direction for sledding is not permitted!
4. Use a helmet and other safety equipment.
5. It is forbidden to use metal sleds and other devices that are not intended for sledding.
6. Place broken sledges in the container provided.
7. Drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden!
8. Please note that the slope of the Song Festival Grounds is not designed for a sledding, but primarily for listening to concerts.
Sledding on the slopes of Song Festival Grounds can be dangerous!